Analyze and Improve Leadership skills

Our current mission is to observe and strengthen leadership styles especially public speaking by emotion, tone and text recognition technologies. We aim to train self-motivated leadership

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DucereAI is designed to conquer your lack of confidence, fear, ambiguity and to motivate you to be KOLs.


Users upload videos that are used to analyze by DucereAI from the phone storage.


DucereAI analyze users' video samples to give scores of speech tone, body language, facial expression, logic flow, etc.


DucereAI generates detailed reports about what the scores mean, and offers long-term reports of how users' performances improve.


DucereAI eventually provides recommendations to improve users' leadership skills, such as online course tracks and consultant services.


DucereAI helps users to identify their leadership styles by our image and voice AI algorithms, which gives users reviews of their performance and tips for improvement.


DucereAI cooperates with companies or universities to make their interview process smarter, helps them to find true talents and future leaders.


DucereAI provides 1-to-1 personal tutorship, online course tracks and performance consultant to help users to improve leadership skills.

The Team

Our creative team

CEO – Teng Teng
CTO – Marco Zhang
Data Scientist – Steve Dowling
UI/UX – Tony Wang
Market Lead –Eric Young

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